Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cardio Crisis

Today's cardio will be brought to you in installments. I just set out to do a half hour interval run on the treadmill. The result: Me - 0 Treadmill - 1. I could only slug out 12 minutes. I will get on that damn thing (that didn't take long, eh) at another point today and combine my totals! I just did another 10 minutes. I will be back for another 10 minutes later today

I just don't have it today. I need to cardio and weight train my way to working out of a points deficit from last night's dinner with Cute Boy's youngest daughter's 14th birthday dinner. It was a blast, by the way.

I scoured the menu while at work yesterday and found the lowest point foods for me to enjoy. It was Greek Feta Cheese salad. One of my favorite foods and I was a happy clam to know it was only 4 points. I bypassed the cornbread (6pts), as much as I love it. I opted to lean out my dinner since I knew there was DQ Ice Cream Cake involved, and at 14 points per slice - insane! I had some, but not a full piece. I was only being festive and had a sliver of a piece. I'm not particularly fond of ice cream cakes. I want REAL cake! :)

All in all I'm in good points shape. I'm only 13 points in the hole and that is okay with me. I will get where I need to be and where I'm comfortable with my body and the work that is put in to this transformation.

I will be back with further treadmill updates today.

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