Sunday, July 30, 2006

Purging life and freedom from it all

Originally posted Wednesday March 22, 2006

I'm filled with the best of intentions in regards to this journal and then to hades in handbasket that thought goes.

I've not been doing alot of stitching. Why I'm not sure, but I've really struggled with my stitching as of late.

I did stitch today 2 hours and 40 minutes, actually. I picked up Elise's RR7 piece which is the most beautiful dragon. I'm not much in to dragons and not something I would have stitched had it not been for 'having' to do it for this RR. I'm really happy with it. It is gorgeous. This is one of the reasons I love participating in RR's is that you work on pieces you would never do otherwise. I'm hoping to keep with my stitching this week and if so I should have this gem in the mail by early next week!

Things in life are moving forward. I don't know when it happened or how, but I have this amazing life. What happened to the woman that didn't know how to get out of bed in the morning or sleep at night for that matter? She has been replaced by this new woman (me) that is so full of life and can't wait to face each day and see what it has to bring. If it weren't for financially uncertainty I don't think I'd have a single worry in my life! I have such freedom in that it is truly amazing and empowering!

I've been trying to do things around the house that don't cost me any money or very little. I've been trying to clean the garage out of junk and what a chore! Velda and Peter are going to take some stuff to the dump for me so that will help alot. I'm trying to burn any stuff I can in the fire pit on the back deck. It is very freeing and liberating. I feel like I'm cleaning more than the garage when I'm burning stuff it's like burning away the hurts and pains of a life so filled with crap.... I call this burning 'purging my life of Rob'! I really need to work through these negative thoughts and feelings I carry within myself when thinking of him. I really don't want to become bitter and these last few statements sound soooo bitter.

Things with the girls are going well. They are wonderful girls and keep me busy, but never ask for more than I can give. Sometimes they ask for too little, but even for that I'm thankful. I am truly blessed and they are so much a part of my peace and happiness.

Again, I'll try to stay on top of this journal. I really do enjoy writing it, but most days am just too lazy.

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