Thursday, August 10, 2006

Dragons and Drywall Dust

originally posted Thursday March 23, 2006

I worked on Elise's Dragons again today. I logged another 40 minutes. Its coming along nicely as far as appearance goes, but it seems to be slow going as far as getting to the end. It is a beautiful design, but a lot more intricate than appears to the eye.

I would liked to have stitched tonight, but was just too busy with other things and really too tired. Hopefully tomorrow I can put forth some effort and get another chunk done.

Things in life are pretty much the same as when I last updated. Rob is putting on the pressure to 'get it done'. I don't know what he expects me to do, but whatever it is I can't do it! I've been having emotional moments with regards to him lately and then moments of extreme annoyance and frustration. Never being through a divorce before I don't know if this is normal or not, but it probably is, I would think.

I've been trying to work on the house a bit this week. I did drywall compound the wall behind the other computer. I sanded it tonight too (reason I wasn't stitching). What a mess drywall dust is. I forgot how much I hate the mess of drywall dust. It gets in absolutely everything! YUCK! I'm hoping on Sunday I'll hopefully be able to get the time to get it primed. I really love working on the house. The changes are so very exciting. I wish money wasn't such an issue so I could do more than the little bit I am doing. I guess every little bit helps.

I've not been going to the gym lately and my weight is creeping up some! I have to figure out how to offset that and soon. I don't go to the gym alot, one because of time but the other because the cost of gas in my car all the time and the cost of parking. I've not had to live frugal in a long time and now I am. It makes me feel like a snot for all the times others would worry about money and I would just live my life! Ashamed of myself really. Time to suck it up and realize my life is just changing in every way possible.

Well, I guess that is enough nattering from me for the time being.

Thanks for reading the saga of my life to this point.

Love and happy stitching to you

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