Friday, August 11, 2006

Balancing life, loss and everything in between

Originally Sunday July 9, 2006

I've been yet again emotionally set on my ear. This is frustrating on many levels, but mostly because it takes my head out of the stitching game! I get so annoyed when I let things like this upset my balance with my stitching. I love stitching so much, but can so easily get pushed off track. I'll have to work on that about myself.

I'm trying to find the focus again and in doing so I'm hoping to work on Vicki's FFF. I don't have all the floss I need for this piece, but I'll do what I can. Seeing that it's already the 9th I'd better get a move on. My work schedule is very stitching friendly these next couple days, so all things considered, floss issues and stuff I should be able to get at least 5 hours in on it. Wish me luck.

Things are just moving along as usual. Nothing exciting to report. A girl in my office quit which resulted in 10 more hours on my pay cheque which is always good. I'm happy for the hours and money, but I lost my first string of 3 days off in a row in I don't know how long. I was hoping to take the girls away for a couple days, but apparently not now.

Things with the girls are okay, I guess. We don't see each other all that much which stresses me alot. They don't seem to mind, but I feel like they've become latchkey kids since this soon to be divorce!

That's all from me for now.

Love, hugs and happy stitching to you all.

Part 2 for today
I was able to get some stitching done today. Thank goodness I have to work or I'd barely get any stitching time in at all.

I logged 4 hours on Vicki's FFF piece. It is such a gorgeous design. It will be beautiful when finished, but I can somewhat understand why Velda hated working on her FFF so much. I always struggle with leaving holes for beads. It doesn't help matters any that I'm short 7 colours for this piece.

I have another 3 6p-2a shifts this week, so I should be able to get alot of stitching time in as long as a certain someone doesn't come and upset my apple cart.

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