Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Originally posted January 8, 2006

I stitched on Mirabilia's Giggles Boy tonight. I logged 2 hours 10 minutes. I got lots done, but that is bound to happen if you actually give it time to happen. My current time total is 45 hours 20 minutes.

I really love this piece. It is the perfect piece for me right now, easy and relatively fast. I want to focus on this piece for the month of January to go along with the January theme. What I want to do and what I actually end up doing could be worlds apart though If I could stay focused on it for the month I might just get it finished. I will atleast work on this to the 50 hour point so I can share a WIP.

I didn't do much today around the house, because I spent my day at Pam's waiting for the internet/digital tv guy to come hook her up! I make it sound like this was a problem for me, but it really wasn't It was time well spent because now Pam's on line and I couldn't be happier about that. Pam.... I'm waving at you again!

I'm at work right now and can't wait to be finished but another few minutes yet. I'm off Monday and Tuesday. I have so much to do I don't know why I'm happy to be off. It is so much more relaxing to be at work. I get to play on the internet my whole shift, read a book, play MSN radio... such a rough job.

Well, enough chattering from me for now ~ thankfully

Happy stitching day wishes to you all.

Love ya bunches

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