Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Originally posted January 5, 2006

I stitched on Summer Breeze for another 55 minutes tonight. I've a total time of 85 hours 5min. I worked on the bench and a tiny bit on the quilt. It doesn't look like a lot, but with every stitch I'm one more closer to finished. This is my time up on this particular piece.

My next piece up in line is Mirabilia's Giggles Boy. I'm really looking forward to working on this one. I would like to work on it a lot this month to go in line with the month's themes. I'm hoping to have an update for you soon. This piece is currently sitting at 43 hours, so when I hit 50 I'll bombard you with an update.

I've been looking at new patterns lately which has been alot of fun. I found the stocking I want to do for myself. It is listed on E-bay and I put a bid in on it I'm not holding out much hope on getting it, but you never know.

Having a great day today. Pam and I hung out and did some shopping. I bought a new duvet for a my new room.... out with old and in with the new I'm slowly getting things moving with my room. It is a long way from being ready to be torn apart, but I'll get there eventually. When shopping today I also bought another artificial Christmas tree for my front room for next year. I'm hoping to still be in the house, but if not I'll deal with the 2 tree thing when I get to that.

While out my running around with Pam today we popped in to visit Velda for a minute (shortest visit on record). It was great to see her again. Best part is I got some heavy duty boxes from her to pack some of his things. It has been very therapeutic to pack his things. The tears are gone to be replaced by a strong resolve to move my life, as well as the girls' life in a positive forward direction. Chin held high with an honest heartfelt smile on my face.... amazing what a month can do for a girl's frame of mind.

Thats all for now.

Love and hugs,

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