Thursday, November 26, 2009

Date Night

Cute Boy and I had ourselves a date night last night.

Dinner at Montana's with the cutest waitress ever! That waitress would be my daughter - Queenie! Dinner was a selection of the Cobb salad with a side of 4 Cheese spinach dip. I slowed my eating on this one so that Cute Boy ate more than I did. Sneaky girl, I am.

Off to the movies we go. Our timing was perfect for seating, except for a very obnoxious lady beside me that thought it a good idea to verbalize her thoughts about what the characters were doing. It was uber annoying! I could have smacked her.

I advise you to head out to your local theaters and see this movie. Sandra Bullock's character was amazing. She did an amazing job. Her character didn't smile a lot, but she showed her emotions so well with mostly only her eyes and a twitch of her mouth. I cried a few times, not as much as I expected, but tears were definitely shed.

All in all, a great day with Cute Boy, an awesome waitress and a feel good movie!

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