Monday, October 12, 2009


Why do we do things we do?

Why do things happen they way they do?

Why do I need to tell you what I need?

Why do you not just see it?

Why can't you just know that I need something?

Why do I have to fight for understanding and comfort?

Why can I just not deal the way I deal?

Why is it that some people can step up to the plate and other leave you in need?

Why do I have to suffer the silence?

Why do I have to deal with childish behaviour?

Why do good people suffer?


There is no good answer to any of my questions, and believe me this is just a small sampling of what it rolling around in my head. There is no need to try and answer my questions. I just need to get them out of my head and process. It shouldn't be here that I do my processing, but life being what it is - here I am!

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