Sunday, October 19, 2008

Wildflower Rhapsody - 60 hours

Checking in with another WIP update. As Cathey said after my last WIP update - She stitches!

I was able to hit another 5 hour block yesterday while sipping tea and doing more strenuous than pushing remote control buttons for television flicking. I would have liked to stitch longer, but the lighting in this condo is so poor I run out of good light rather quickly. It seems as though so many things are working against me.

I am working 6p-2a this coming week and that is a good stitching week, so I'm hoping I can get some progress on both pieces. I'm not holding my breath, so please don't you either.

I focused on the right side of the design this rotation. My goal for the next rotation is fill in the space to the right of the water jug.

Thanks so much for looking.

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