Thursday, October 02, 2008

Gaga Gaga For Garage

Another installment in the house building saga. I've not gotten in to all the drama really, just know it's all around. Here is the Week 3 progress shot. That would be the basement window you see to the left and the garage door openings to the right.

You may notice the garage door openings are different sizes. That would be because they are! With the situation of our lot being smaller than we were advised when we bought and signed the paperwork, we've had to size down our house to fit the lot. One of the places easiest to slim down was the garage. The shrinking of the house on the inside is making for a very interesting life for Cute Boy and myself. It is not fun and not something I would wish on anyone.

That is all I have for now. I'm sorry there are no stitching updates lately, but this house is all consuming right now. I'm working 2-10's next Tuesday - Friday, so I'm hoping to have something to show for my week. It wont be much. Maybe 5 hours or a bit more.

Happy days to you all!

Love you.

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