Sunday, December 30, 2007

UFO Sunday

I've really been so busy with holiday travel and work to dedicate much time to my stitching. I miss it and hopefully with life supposedly slowing down in the next couple days I should be able to get back to somewhat of a routine with my pieces. That is unlikely to the point it is probably laughable. A girl has a right to dream!

I'm always tooling with my approach to work pieces and trying to get closer to finishing things up, so here is another new one from me. Since I'm trying to work 1 hour per week on my UFO's, chosen piece Halloween Fairy I've decided since I work most weekends, I will use Sunday as my day to work 1 hour on my UFO. I am going to work 1 hour on Halloween Fairy every Sunday and then the remainder of my shift on Enchanted Fairy so I can still make some progress on her. She's much too early in the process of being worked to be neglected just yet.

Any stitching time I find throughout the week will be dedicated to Love with A Capital. I'm getting close to the finish line with this one, so I'm hoping another 40 hours will see this one complete. Can you imagine that, a finish within the first quarter of the new year? WOOHOO!!

Off to put needle to fabric with a wonderful cup of Chai tea at my side. The small wonders of life surround and astound me.

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