Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I just want my tea

I've been trying to cut back on my beverage purchases at places such as Tim Horton's, but namely Starbucks. Over the summer Starbucks became a major addiction for me and one that was making quite the dent in my pocketbook! My bad. So, here is my saga of the day. Really, if all I have to worry about (ya right) is this I should consider myself very lucky, which I do and I am! It is all the more painful because I am trying to cut back on such spending excursions because they do all add up!

I've played around with various ways to curb the habit, cut back whatever I could do that would save me some money and still get me my 'fix'. So, I've tried to only go to Tim Horton's when I'm working. I don't work every day and I still don't go every day I work, except tonight I broke down and went to Timmy's. Darn it, it is 1:30 in the morning. I just crawled out of the warmth of my bed and hit the cold hard pavement in a very cold car to come to work. That qualifies as a treat moment if I've ever had one. A trip to the Tim Horton's Drive Thru was in the works. I even broke a $20 to do so, something I hate doing. I'm in a 'Peppermint Tea' phase at the moment. I'm very much a phase eater and drinker in case you weren't aware. I get my tea through the little Timmy's window and I'm so happy. All is right in my world again. I have the warmth of the tea within reach, but it is such a treat I'll wait until I get to my office before I drink it. I will savour it before I start slugging away at the menial job task of preparing the call schedules for the morning shift. It will be just me and my tea for a few moments of blessed peace. Oh no it wont! My peppermint tea is plain old tea BLEH. I'm so sad. It's just not the same as my sweet minty tea. This is like a mini let down in my night. Oh poor me! Do you feel my pain?

I know in the long and short of it this isn't a big deal, but I love those moments of peace and quiet with a warm cup of tea in hand. I still have all those wants, but the taste is all wrong. I'm off now to my menial job task with the wrong tea. Maybe another day I will be blessed with my tea of the moment and actually have that warm fuzzy feeling again.

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