Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Insanity Returns

I know not too long ago I posted my plans for what I wanted to do to get some pieces finished. Well, (yes, I know Velda) I'm thinking again, but not really changing things just adding pieces to the 'want to start this year' list.

Love With A Capital L
Hydrangea Harvest
Job's Tears
Summer Breeze
Wildflower Rhapsody
Enchanted Fairy

Halloween Fairy
Treetop Sampler
My Stocking
Giggles Girl
Angel Proclamation
Be Warm Be Welcome
The Bride

My goal was to have one of the top listed pieces as my focus piece and finish it while working 1 hour per week on my UFO pieces and move pieces up in to the focus spot as I finish things. The key to that is actually finishing things. LOL

Now, if the wonderful women on the Cross Stitch Crazy board would stop posting all these new and lovely patterns, I would be not so tempted to start so many pieces. You see how I'm not taking responsibility here? Sneaky me.

I reserve the right to add to this list as I feel the need and will probably do so a half dozen times over the coming year. So, without further adieu, my list for this year:

Want To Start (in no specific order)
Stocking for Alyssa (may have found one)
Mirabilia Valentine's Fairy
Mirabilia New Year's Fairy
Victoria Sampler's Heirloom Christmas Sampler (scares the hell out of me)
Princess Piece for Lily (have to find it)

I do these posts so often, I must drive you nuts. I do this and then it inspires me to get to my stitching and make some progress. That will not be the case today since I'm at work right now and won't find a minute to stitch until I'm at work on Saturday. Oh, how I love this hobby errr...passion of mine.

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