Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Twas The Night Before The Half

Pam, Mary and I hit Ottawa about 2p or so. We did some walking around and went to the Expo site to pick up our race kits. WOW! This is really happening, was the thought that kept floating through my mind.

We head to our hotel room, thankfully given early check in. The 5K started at 5pm. After finding our way to the run site - awesome hotel location. The people at Holiday Inn didn't mislead us when they told us we are directly in the backyard of the start line. We didn't fuel properly all day. Very bad, I know. So, the three of us split 2 beaver tails. Chocolate Hazelnut and Maple Sugar. Not the normal food choice of elite athletes, I know, but we had to improvise.

Off to the starting line we head. By starting line, I mean 500 meters back, at least 500 meters. The number of people, as much as I knew there were going to be a lot, astounded me.

A view of the start line from where we were

Oh ya, another red corral day!

A little inspiration will follow. I had to take a picture of this shirt design. It was worn by an entire team of 5K'ers.

Having my own attachment to angels. I could not let this opportunity pass me by. Too cute, although a bit heart wrenching too.

The city of Ottawa is a gorgeous one. I took some pictures while on the route. It was good to get out and walk around a bit without the confines of shoppers on Bank St!

Since this 5K was mostly for Pam, it was for her to set the pace. We came in over the finish line at 57:51. I was impressed with that time. It was Pam's desire to finish in less than an hour and we did! I can not come anywhere near to finding the words to express how proud I am of her. For someone to just be restarting their healthy journey, my heart swelled with pride that she did this.

Again, sharing these last couple days with both Mary and Pam couldn't have been a better way to spend an awesome weekend. Thanks girls.

After the 5K, off we went in search of supper. Real food, not crap. We ended up at Richtree Market for dinner. I say we ended up there. It was planned the entire time. It wasn't the carbs I should have had, but the roasted chicken, oven roasted potatoes, and roasted carrots and sweet potatoes were going to have to do. It is the coolest restaurant with great food. Pam and I have another road trip planned in July to Toronto and we will be eating there again. Can hardly wait.

Back to the hotel we head were we snacked on chocolate this and chocolate that with a few potato chips and fruity Ike and Mike's thrown in to watch a marathon of Criminal Minds. Nothing like a little Shemar Moore to relax a girl and ease her thoughts about a half marathon in the morning. I was as snug as a bug in bed by 11p and up at 7:15a to start my own race adventure.

It was a great weekend and a memory that I have to last a lifetime! Thanks girls for automatically jumping on board when I started this crazy journey. Pam, you for helping me (read pushing) to make the decision in the first place. I couldn't have asked for a more relaxing laid back way to run my first (maybe ever) half marathon and a 5K first for another! You girls (and Bre) are Rock Stars!

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