Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Gifts for Me

The Card

This card is gorgeous and with the most beautiful handwritten note. The card alone brought tears to my eyes. It was the sweetest most thoughtful gesture and written note made me feel beyond-words-special.

The Plaque

The plaque is engraved with:
Ottawa 1/2 Marathon
May 30, 2010
Time Completed 2:41

Tracy, the girl that was to come to Ottawa with Pam, Mary and I, but couldn't for personal reasons wanted to give me something to commemorate my special day. I couldn't be more touched. Everyone needs friends like mine that acknowledge the simple, the wonderful and the amazing things in one's life.

I have this little beauty sitting up on the shelf in my kitchen and each morning I drink coffee from my 'Ottawa' Starbucks mug that Pam bought me to celebrate when we where in Ottawa. A girl could get used to this kind of special treatment. Happy is me!

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