Monday, June 07, 2010

Law Enforcement Torch Run

I can't believe I forgot to tell you what I did on Friday morning. Not really surprising with all the hectic happenings of the Relay for Life. I participated in my very first Law Enforcement Torch Run in support of the Special Olympics

It took place in the quaint little town of
Gananoque. There were too many picturesque shots, so I thought you could take a look at your leisure. The pictures don't come anywhere near to do the beauty of this town justice. It isn't very far at all from home, but not a place I visit often which is really very sad.

I participated because Cute Boy asked me to and since I was going along with him, I figured I might as well participate. It's only neighbourly to support others when have willingly supported me in my fundraising efforts, not to mention the girl that was putting in together is too cute for words. I was hesitant to do something such as this, not because I didn't think I could do it, but because when he asked my quads were still
1/2 marathon screaming.

We had Brian on site with us for our run through Gananoque. He would run for parts of the route then get in the police car, ride for a bit and then out again and carry the torch. It was quite an amazing experience. Oh, I said run. Others ran, Cute Boy and I rode our bikes.

The route was short and quick with police escorts in front and back. Uber cool! The car in back had a very siren-happy-driver, so that was a riot. The concept was simple. A few participants carried a pretty decorated Special Olympics Torch Run can, think paint can, and approached businesses, pedestrians and stopped vehicles for change. Quick and simple and quite lucrative I might add. In under an hour, over 450.00 was raised.

This was the perfect way to spend a beautiful Friday morning with the man I love, in a gorgeous town, doing some good for others. This is definitely something I will be doing again next year. To be honest, I can't wait it was that much fun and that rewarding.

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