Monday, June 28, 2010

Treadmill and Triceps Today

I sat down last night and laid out a little work out routine that I can do at home. It's not where I used to be, in weights nor in intensity, but for now it is what I can do. I will revamp as I can and I see things needing improvement.

I am trying to get passed the thoughts of yesterday and focus on what can be done for me today. Today's work out was a 24 minute run, as per my half marathon training plan. I decided to play with that a bit today too. I did Oxygen magazine's Crank Up Your Cardio treadmill run. It is interval based with 2-5 minutes of either walking, jogging or running. Holy hell! It was intense. I wasn't sure I would be able to finish it. I got it in my head that I would quit at 24 minutes. At 24 minutes, I said to heck with it, another 6 minutes would definitely not kill me. As I sit here at the computer, with my legs doing absolutely nothing, my calves hurt. It is painful hurt, but a good hurt! I covered a 3.6K distance which is pretty good since I was doing an awful lot of walking.

I also worked my triceps today. Keep in mind I have a minimally stocked weight room, that I absolutely abhor! It is lacking in space. It is lacking in weight selection. It is lacking in equipment. Most of all, it lacks in a place that I want to be when I'm lifting weights. When I think about going downstairs to work out, I get angry. How pathetic and sad is that.

Now that I've finished bitching about my work out room and the conditions under which I have to work out, I will finally tell you what I did.

Standing Overhead Extensions - 8lbs 12/15/15 reps - 3 sets
Single Lying Arm Crossovers - 8lbs 12/15 - 2 sets each arm
Bench Dips - 10 - 2 sets
Kickbacks - 8lbs - 5 - 1 set each arm

I could feel my triceps when I was working them, but now, not at all. :(

I really need to get a flat bench to compliment the one that is down there, that has a seated leg kicks attachment.

Tomorrow I am going to do the cardio crank up routine again and then work another body part. Which body part I've lined up, I can't remember and the book is downstairs. Those stairs that my legs get annoyed with having to climb!

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