Thursday, June 10, 2010

It Begins Again

The insanity. The fun. The struggle. The triumph. The pain. The joy. The challenge. The desire that is this run will eventually be repeated.

The distance the same. The scenery and the people in attendance will be different this time around.

The place

<>The scenery could look, hopefully, will look something like this.

Crazy things happen and somehow I get myself right in the middle of them. Last week when I was doing the Law Enforcement Torch Run, I was talking to a girl that also ran the Ottawa Half, and she was telling me about different races around our area. She mentioned that Picton is a good, flat, fast course.

I, in my not so smart moments, mentioned this at work. Well, one thing led to another and I'm running another half marathon. Another half marathon, when I am still dealing with the wonderful feeling I still have from running my first half marathon. I am running again along with a first timer, Tracy. Pam and Kristie are going to walk the half marathon. Cute Boy is contemplating it too. There is a great possibility that a girl that works with Cute Boy will be joining in the fun too, by running the half. It would be her first ever half marathon too. How is it that, me, only ever having run one half marathon in my entire life, will be the veteran of the group? Just kidding. I'm just as green as the rest of them! LOL

I've already started training. I didn't run Monday, because the decision to do this didn't happen until late Monday night, so I've run Tuesday and Wednesday. I'm about to hit the treadmill soon to get my Thursday run in. It looks like I have a bit on my plate again. As much as I wasn't expecting it, I'm looking forward to it again. What have I done?

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