Monday, July 07, 2008


Showing #6 - Sunday afternoon's showing was the second showing by the agent with the special needs client. I've heard nothing so I guess that would be a no.

Showing #7 - Today between 1:30-2:30p. Who is to know what will come of it. Keep your fingers crossed.

I'm just on my way over to Walmart to pick up some cleaning supplies. I need to wash the windows, something I absolutely despise. I will sweep when I get home and vacuum the rec room.

Oh, news of a different nature in regards to houses. The neighbour attached to me is selling now too! He told me on Friday night that him and his wife are going to list their house. I just about choked! Part of the reason is that he is ex-military and has 1 more free move that he can use within the next year. Since I'm moving they are concerned with the quality of their new neighbours and they have 5 people living in an 1100 square foot semi. It would be a little crowded to say the least.

I talked to one half of my agent last night and she said it could/should be a good thing. If he prices higher than mine it will look better for me. She also believes my house is in good enough shape to withstand the pressure of a house in close proximity to mine being for sale. I feel a little less like someone punched me in the gut, but not much!

That's about all I have to share today!

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