Tuesday, July 01, 2008

July Yankee Stadium Distance Challenge

June's Distance - 32.7
Distance To Go - 324.7
July's Goal - To figure out what the hell is causing me so much pain on my left side.

1- 4KM - piercing hip pain. This run was cut short, as much as I want to tackle this and make progress towards being able to do this coming weekend's 10K. (4K)
Walked the dog - .48K
2- 5KM - walked the dog
6- 10KM
18 - 1.1KM
19 - 3K - shit that was humid!
26 - 3K - another hot one
29 - 1.1K - walk around the work block; 2.6KM
30 - 1.8K - walked to work from shuttle park

I'm in such a mental funk right now and I feel like a failure in not being able to overcome these aches and pains. I hate not being able to do something when I put my mind to it. I'm afraid I'm losing my fire and passion for pushing myself to succeed! I'll figure it out eventually to determine if it's time to give up or find another gear.

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