Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Husbands and Other Lovers - Jane Elizabeth Varley

Husbands And Other Lovers" is the gripping story of the two Agnew brothers - and the women who love them. James Agnew, a brilliant City lawyer, is married to Susannah. They have the perfect life - on the surface. A Surrey house, two successful careers and a lifestyle to be envied. But behind closed doors their marriage is a battleground as Susannah fights the effects of her husband's drinking, hiding it from those closest to her, and struggling with the painful memories it raises about her own past. But when James' life takes a dramatic turn, will Susannah stand by her husband - or her lover? James' younger brother Robert is the founder of one of London's top PR agencies and a millionaire at thirty-eight. Robert weaves a web of lies and fantasies to entrap the women in his life - and to ensure that they are never free from his control. Tabitha, his ex-wife, must fight for her freedom - and her daughter. Jasmine, his ex-girlfriend, faces losing everything that is precious to her. And what of Natasha, his beautiful but vulnerable new girlfriend! Will she fall under his spell to become just another victim?

Book #16 - I know you're probably wondering how I can post that I just finished another book in the span of 24 hours. I didn't just start this book, I've actually been reading it for quite some time. It had to be put aside when a book from the library would come in, as does quite often.

I really enjoyed this book. One of the characters in this book, is one of the most diabolical characters I've ever encountered! He was infuriating and disgusting! There were times I was so frustrated and disturbed by his actions I could feel my stomach muscles tightening.

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