Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Time To Start Packing

I am now the proud owner of a SOLD sign on my FOR SALE sign. I've had an offer on my house since last Tuesday. I didn't post about it until I had all my ducks in a row.

The offer was a clean offer. The only conditions on the offer were financing, inspection and insurance, with a closing date of September 5th. My birthday! The only concern for me was the inspection, since financing was already a done deal, according to the buyer's agent. It is usually put in an offer just to safe guard for a way out in case something doesn't go according to their plan.

The funny thing about this particular couple buying my house, I was in the house when the arrived for the showing. They showed up 40 minutes early! I was just taking laundry down to the laundry room, Daisy was running around, the radio was still on. My arms were full of books to be returned to the library and I walk to the front door and an agent walking down the street to my house with this young couple in tow. The dirty laundry was thrown in to my purse (thank goodness my purse is big) and the dog was leashed up and out the door we headed with arms weighted down with about 40lbs of library books. Daisy was great she stood on the front landing barking at them. I felt like an idiot, although they were so early, but I jokingly said, to enjoy the welcoming from my mouthy pooch. They just laughed and said they understand, they have a dog too.

3 hours after the showing I had an offer. That was a surreal moment if ever. Since the offer was simple, I countered back with another price and the only chattels included are my curtains and lights. They accepted my increased counter offer, so that is good! The hot tub is not included in the offer, so I'm in the process of selling that as we speak.

Mentioning selling things, I'm actually in the process of selling my sectional couch from the rec room and my kitchen table. I've already sold my crock pot, my patio set, barbecue and lawn mower. I will be selling my fridge, stove, washer and dryer. Cute Boy and I, as much as we don't want to create and carry a huge debt load are going to buy a front loading washer and dryer set when we're in the new house.

The major dilemma that faces us right now is the finding of another house to live in from the first of September until the middle to end of December at the latest. Cute Boy has a line on a place, but we're not 100% on it yet. We have an appointment set up for Sunday morning. Our agent is working on that end of things too and we could have rented his parent's place for the duration, but there is a dog allergy. Miss Daisy doesn't aggravate allergies because she has hair not fur, but it still will not work for us.

Things are definetely moving forward and I for one, couldn't be happier! I'm one day and one step closer to living one life not three! Thanks for being here for me throughout this first part of my journey.

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