Sunday, July 27, 2008

Goal Failure Although I'll Not Give Up

This is not going to be pretty, but here goes:

1. Drink 64 oz water daily - done Friday and Saturday. Not Sunday
2. Measure my foods. No more eyeballing it. - Done
3. 3 fruit or veggies daily. I should be getting a minimum of 5! - Done Friday and Saturday. Not Sunday
4. Only 1 Tim Horton's French Vanilla Iced Coffee per day, if at all. - 1 Friday. None Saturday. 3 Sunday. So, none on Monday. Is that fair?
5. Run at least every other day starting with my new running week of Monday. I'll update that on my Yankee Stadium Distance challenge - Can't wait until Tuesday. Ran Saturday!
6. Forgive myself for my lazy approach to my body. It breaks my heart, but I can not continue to mentally beat myself up anymore. It is detrimental to my emotional well being. - Doing okay so far!
7. Track my WW journal - Sunday was ridiculous, but I'm tracking!

I'm not overly surprised with how this weekend is playing out. I struggle when in the company of Cute Boy and I know this. I think things will be different when we're living together, but right now the food choices are the greatest at his house where I don't have control over my food choices. Thank goodness for the Caesar salad that could be counted as a vegetable.

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