Sunday, June 08, 2008

Chattering and Nattering

It seems as though it's been a while since I've just chattered on about things.

Nothing much going on really. Life is just plugging away.

I'm working full time days now with weekends off. That is pretty exciting although I must admit I'm really struggling with getting things done. I find the 2 days off go so quickly and nothing much gets accomplished. It has been 9 years since I last had any semblance of normalcy to my life. It is an adjustment to say the least.

I'm in a very weird mood today. I'm feeling very stretched again, living two lives. Running between the time in my personal life to the time in my home life, still my personal life, but you know what I mean. I'm stretched to my limit and the pull and responsibility of juggling both is starting to get to me again. I haven't felt like this in a long time, but last night and into today it is right front and center. Blah! Go away yucky feelings and leave me alone.

There is an open house at Cute Boy's house today 2-4p. I hope it goes well. I'm really eager to get things moving in a forward direction so we can get on with our lives together as opposed to these two separate lives, sometimes together! I did a bunch of work at his place yesterday, as did he. It looks great! I really hope there is some interest today! Keep your fingers crossed, okay?

Things with Princess are going well. She is working quite a lot which she likes, for the money. She is a good little worker. I am so incredibly proud of her. She is coming in to her first summer of working and she's not looking forward to the expectations and demands, which I can't say I blame her. She is concerned about missing out on the fun of summer if she's working most weekends. I can completely sympathize with her. I wish I could be the kind of parent that could completely support all her wants and whims and she didn't have to work. I know that isn't the smart way, that she needs to learn responsibility and the value of a dollar.

She is going to her Dad's on Wednesday and staying until Sunday. She's looking forward to going, although I'm a nervous wreck about it all. It is never that he hurts her, or Queenie for that matter, it's just the concern of her being gone for so many days, her emotional well-being, her sense of being valued that I worry most about. Nothing major though! The nasty talking about me has subsided some, but I never trust that it will last. I'm not naive enough to think it will, I just pray for her sake he keeps the personal pot shots to a minimum. It's such an emotional drain on her and it breaks my heart to see her dealing with such unnecessary emotional stress.

I'm off now to clean my house, which you would really consider as 'Rounding Up The Bunnies'. I just sent Pam an e-mail telling her that the big bunnies in the corner look nice enough, until you reach to touch them and they take off your fingers. I'm going to have to name them soon, if I don't seriously send them packing!

Oh, I almost forgot and this is the biggest news of all. I ran 10K today. I know there are many out there that do this and can do this with one hand tied behind their back, but this is my longest run to date! I ran with K-Pow and I did the entire thing 10/1's which is another huge for me! I'm so proud of myself. I couldn't have done it without Krista, and I know it. I probably could have covered the distance, but to do the entire 10:1's I would have wimped out! The humidity was killer, but I felt awesome at the end of it. That's what it's all about. Right?!

Okay, enough dawdling I'm really off to clean the house now!

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