Sunday, June 01, 2008

June Yankee Distance Challenge

May Distance 53.2KM
June's Goal - 60-70KM
Distance To Go - 357.4KM

4 - 6K (hills 3) - awesome
8 - 10K - longest run to date all 10:1's
16 - 6K - burning calves, but my own fault since it's been a week since I've run!
21 - 10.7K - 1h 15m 34s - all mental. This was probably my most difficult run to date. Thank God for K-Pow or I would have quit somewhere near the first step.

The thing I'm most stoked about in regards to my May total is that is all running. I didn't bike at all. I will sometimes bike (at the gym) to increase my distance numbers. Not this month. Since I'm trying to prepare for the 10K race in July I figured I would be best served to focus on the running and only running.

I didn't run near as much as I could have or should have this past month. I'm a little disappointed about that, to be honest. I was dealing with the mother of all blisters, not an excuse but more a nasty reality. I think I'm finally over that little problem. My work schedule was really bad a couple days with really quick flips from shift to shift, factoring in ball games and now my working full time. The lazy days of part time work are now behind for a bit, if not forever.

I'm not losing weight with this running thing which upsets me greatly. I do see an incredible difference in my ability to push through a run as opposed to how I was when I first started. It is so much a mental game, this running. I love it! I feel incredible and inspired to be running, knowing that I've always envied those that were able to run and now I can too. I'm not great by any means, but I do try. I can wimp out at times and be a brat... still dreading those damn hills!

I have to seriously increase my distances this month (scary and scared). It is imperative that I run more 8K's and get in my first 10 and 13K. Holy yikes, even typing the numbers freaks me out. I will figure it out and of course, let you know how it goes.

Happy running to those of you that do and all others, you don't know what you're missing! ;)

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