Monday, June 23, 2008

Saudi Gifts and Yankee Goodies

I never know what I do to deserve such kindness, but I'm grateful for the generosity that surrounds me. Saudi Arabian gifts are too cool!

Robin sent me this most amazing candle burning lamp ever. I'm going to keep it as a candle for a bit and then may submit a request of Peter, Velda's husband to wire it for a lamp. I'm not sure. One thing I'm certain of is, it is stunningly beautiful. I can't tell you how much I love this lamp. I want to hang it in my house before I move. I think somewhere in my bedroom, with the red accents. It will look so gorgeous.

As for the New York Yankee paraphernalia there. That is so appreciated but not at all necessary. Robin, you silly girl I only post a question the board for Velda to answer. You outdid yourself. Now I'm sportin' some earrings, a mug and a key chain. Who was to know one of my key chain fobs broke just this weekend! Perfect timing, my dear. Oh, by the way, the flatfold you made for Velda is absolutely perfect. Great finishing you did!

From the bottom of my Yankee lovin' heart, I thank you!

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