Monday, June 02, 2008


Sometimes I wonder how it is that I get along in life on my own. Seriously, I do. I do some of the most ridiculous stupid things and it is frustrating as hell.

I've been going through some times with a certain financial nightmare and I totally made a mess. I got paperwork from a payment office giving me information and I, in my panicked "OMG" state of mind didn't read the document properly and filed it away. I should know myself better by now and know to go back once the adrenaline rush has worn off and take a minute to absorb the information. Stop with the sweaty palms, fear and overall sense of doom.

It has just been lately that I've figured something might not be right with the situation, so I went in search of my paperwork. Lo and behold it wasn't and I would have been okay had I taken the time to read and not panic. I've filled out the paperwork this morning and will be faxing it to the office in question once I get to work this afternoon.

Damn it there are times when I need a swift kick in the ass!!!!!

It will be ages before I find out what is going to happen and when I do, I'll let you know. Good bad or otherwise, I'll open the envelope, take a deep breath and read it. Read first, panic later!

Wish me luck!

Love ya.

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