Thursday, June 12, 2008

Fashion Meme

Chiloe is bad!

Foundation - No. I used to use for a very short time a Mary Kay product. I loved it, but so did Lily.

Mascara - If I'm going 'out' and I'm doing more than eyeline and lip shine.

Day Cream - No. I really don't put anything on my face.

Favourite Make-up Product - A good shiny lip gloss

Perfume -No. I layer body lotion with body spray - Vanilla and sometimes strawberry and I've really being daring I'm combine the two scents.

Nails - Garbage. I will do artifical acryllic when not in ball season. If in ball season, because I have a special event to attend.

Hands - Lotion them when I remember or when I notice them feeling like crap.

Feet - Lotion them alot in the summer. Right now they look terrible with my running blister and my flip flop tan marks.

3 Products to bring on a deserted island - Body Lotion, Lipgloss and Deoderant

Woman I admire for their beauty - Jennifer Aniston. She comes off as such a natural beauty.

Women with the best sense of style -Don't know on this one

My ultimate dream - Please Cathey, don't hurt me - a breast augmentation.

How do I define womanhood - Classic, womanly in a way without trying. Having the desire to be your best you in the best and worst of situations. Confidence and the ability to know you're sexy in whatever skin that carries you.

Favourite fashion publication - No preference.

I'm not tagging you, but if you want to play along, have fun.

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