Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sweet Dreams to you too!

I'm just so happy right now. I seriously want to say something profound and words that will come close to conveying what I'm feeling, but I don't know that I'm that gifted a word wizard.

I look back on my life, to some of the things that put me right here and I know I'd do it all over again to be in the place I am this very minute. Okay, maybe not THIS very minute since I'm at work doing a midnight and I'd much rather be in my bed! I've said it before about being happy for every tear and moment of sadness I've suffered to come out the other side of a divorce and be blessed in the way I am right now. You just never know what is awaiting you around that next corner!

I used to live my life and just live it. I didn't really embrace much in the way of being passionate about things. I mean, I love my daughters without measure, I'm passionate about my health and love working out, but to live and take notice of things around me, I didn't live or think that way. I was too busy pleasing others (still doing that too much), to know there were deeper meanings in things than just doing them. I've since discovered, as much as I'm still running non-stop, to see there is more to life than just being. Embrace the life you life. Tomorrow is a gift yet to be opened. Don't let the hurts of yesterday get in the way of today's happiness. It may be a feeling or moment you never get back. You could very well miss out on something you didn't even know you were missing until it is there. Trust me it happens.

As busy as I am always, I love my life and I love you! Thank you for teaching me to be stronger than I dreamed. Thank you for allowing me the freedom to be me. I love you for the many things you've yet to realize you represent to me. In due time you will! I thank you for you!

Sweet dreams

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