Sunday, November 25, 2007

Another Start? You're not Serious?

I feel a new piece comin' on! I know I'm supposed to be working towards finishing Love with A Capital L, and I will.

My new piece is going to be Enchanted Fairy

You see Pam and I have started a new piece together every Boxing Day for the last 7 years. This is 2008's Boxing Day piece, but a little early. We aren't sure what our work schedule is going to be like for Christmas this year, so we're shaking things up some. I was looking at our schedule and Pam and I are working together next weekend 2-10 and 6-2, so we're starting it then! I've been bugging her for a bit about starting it early, but is was all in fun and done just to get her going. In case you're wondering, it worked. I've not even seen nor touched the fabric as of yet, because she doesn't trust me not to start it without her. Has she no faith in me whatsoever? Anyway, work being what it is, we are starting her December 1st, only because of the work schedule and not because I'm a pest.

I also happened upon Chris' blog, I'd Rather Be Stitching and she has talked about doing a UFO challenge for 2008. She did have an ezboard started for it, but it has been closed. Not sure why. Her idea is to work on a UFO piece for 1 hour per week . You can focus on one piece or any of your UFO's. I have too many pieces to list every time I talk of them, but suffice it to say I had more than enough pieces to choose from when deciding to join in the UFO challenge. My UFO challenge piece is Mirabilia's Halloween Fairy. I'm going to do an hour on her today for the 2nd week in a row. I love it and don't know how I let her get to the point that she is an UFO. So sad and very silly. The challenge I face now is putting her down after the hour, but I did the first week and will do so again today! Not putting her down would defeat the purpose if I kept working on her, right? I would then finish her and in my excitement to do that, move Love to UFO status.

Who ever thought stitching could get so complicated?

I'm off now to find bobbins so I can start winding floss for Enchanted Fairy. This kind of high is better than any drug I could ever think of, not that I'm prolific in drug use! This is my addiction of another kind!

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