Monday, November 13, 2006

The Value of a Friendship - ode to Velda

There is no value that could ever be attatched to the gift of a friend.

I had the most amazing day with the most amazing woman. Over the years we've been around the block a few times. It has been the challenges of our life that has probably taught us most about each other. I know we're alot alike in many ways and vastly different in others, but I know without a doubt whatever my need, I'll always have you in my corner.

A simple 'Welcome to the neighbourhood' from you one Hallowe'en night and how many years later we have this friendship that respresents so much to me. You bring a grounding to my willy nilly ways and a laughter to my foolishness. You never hesitate to ask the hard questions and give the space and time I need to find the answers. I can't imagine the number of sentences that never get finsihed, at least not by me, maybe by you, but most definetely not me. You welcome me to your life with a hug (every time) and I couldn't love you more for each and every one. Who would have seen this friendship grow so strong? I surely didn't see it, especially through the troubles we had. I think the troubles, as sad as they were at the time, turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

We may not always agree with what the other does or believes, but the support is something never questioned. I have a confidence in your belief in me that brings tears to my eyes. I know I can tell you anything without judgement. Deep from the heart feelings that you just let me throw around. Sometimes I don't even let the words come and you know what they are ~ you're priceless. Blessed is I, loved is you.

Never for one minute, wherever this road leads in our life, question my love and respect for you. You are a most amazing woman and I'm so thankful for the day we became friends.

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