Tuesday, November 21, 2006


It's been quite the day! Is that anything new? Not really. There will be peace, of this I'm sure. I just need to be patient and let things play out how they may. Here is a little interesting reading. My horoscope today:

Things may be coming to a dramatic climax for you today, Tammy , and it may seem like everything is working against you. Take note that this is an excellent time for you to find balance in things and gain a much greater perspective on the nagging issues in your life. If you are trying to figure out where your heart and brain are hiding, you should look on the opposite side of the world. They are over there discussing things together.

I don't know that there is or ever will be balance in my life. Juggling is something I'm better at than balancing. See the circus analogy? My life is like that circus some days....complete and utter peace to be quickly followed by madness and heartache. Whatever it is my heart and head are discussing on the opposite side of the world, I wish they'd soon come to a conclusion because I'm going crazy here ~ seriously crazy!

I long for quiet. I long for peace. I long for a warm drink while wrapped in a warm blanket buried under the covers to block out all the thoughts. Sleep gives me no rest and the quiet is filled with a deafening roar. Running away is never the answer.

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