Thursday, November 16, 2006

Think not. Live

My horoscope today leads me to this thought: Think not. Live

I've not always been one to read my horoscope, but lately I've become quite enthralled with what it predicts. This is an interesting prediction today. Is it like the music? Does it fit because we want it to fit, or does it fit because it just fits? The striking comment is

the changes within your outward surrounding represent reflections of
transformations taking place within you

An increase in your financial status could lead to changes within your household. You might choose to redecorate, or purchase new furniture, or you might actually decide to move to a better place. A member of the household might move out. Although it may seem illogical, Tammy , the changes within your outward surroundings represent reflections of transformations taking place within you. Don't let fear or inertia cause you to hold back. Go with the flow.

I've been wanting to fix my house up for some time now and sell it. I love my house, but I think in my heart of hearts I'm ready for a change. I always find it sad when people fix their house to the way they want it, they sell it. I waited so long when I was married to have my house the way I wanted it to be, but something other than fixing the house or finishing the house was always more important. Now that I own the house myself, I have limited money to fix it up, but it is what I really want to do. I want to put my personality on my home. I want, and this may sound as though I'm superficial with all my wants, but that's not it at all, it is that I've discovered things I want to surround me in my home and they are:

~A harvest (country farm) table ~ looking but having a hard time finding one.
~A country type photograph to hang on the wall by the kitchen table... looking and finding a few to choose from.
~I'm aching to finish my bedroom. I have most everything for it. I want a room that is soft and warm, a place that I can just be. A place that represents the deepest of me and a sense of 'awww' when I walk in the room. I think I can pull it off. I hope I can!
~Finish my computer room into a sports (mostly Yankee) themed room.
~I would love to have someone come in and paint a NY city skyline on the wall at my back.
~I want a country cottage type door hung in the front of the house. I own it, I just have to get it hung up.
~I want to get things started in the girls' rooms.

All this from a horoscope! Imagine if this floats out from one little horoscope, all the frightening, but wonderful thoughts filling my head.

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