Saturday, November 11, 2006

Things I know

I love to have my neck kissed
I dislike slow drivers in the left lane
I love the sweet smell of cologne
I dislike rude people
I love to be held
I worry too much what people think of me
I no longer worry if my children like me. That is for another time and the cost of that is too high
I love the colour red
I love to be snuggled
I am a softer more gentle person than I was just a year ago
I don't worry about growing old
I like myself more now that I ever have before
I miss the time I use to have to read
I am more at peace than ever before in my life
I love Autumn
I dislike Winter and hate being cold
I own more than enough pairs of jeans
I would love to be able to buy a new pair every 2 weeks (payday)
I love buying hair styling products
I hate the time it takes to do my hair
I love wearing baseball hats, but don't very often anymore
I love the reason for not wearing the ballcaps much anymore
I love the smell of warm bread
I love to watch fire burn
I listen to music most every minute of my day
I love where I am in my life right this minute
I know I was so afraid of being a failure and now know I'm going to be fine
I love to have candles burning
I love my friends more than I think they know
I know I'm in a wonderful place right now

I think for now, that is more than enough of what I know. You'd think I had something profound to say, but not so much! Just a bunch of nattering on a night I can't sleep and again, thoughts running through my head.

Sweet dreams to you as I clear my head and go to bed!

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