Monday, September 10, 2007

Pale Daffodil Paint Pretty

This is the room prior to any work being done. It was orginally done in these colours for Lily. When she was really little she loved frogs, so this is the colours she chose with a frog border running along the top of the paint. Looked cute for a time, but it needed a change.

In all her primed splendor.

This is the colour I decided upon. It is Behr's Pale Daffodil. I really like it. Hopefully I'm as happy with the finished product. Crossing my fingers.

Here is the final coat of paint. I had a hard time getting the accurate colour with the camera. I find looking at the pic it appears to have a bit of a greenish hue to it, but not when in the room.

All done with the paint now except for the cleaning of supplies and getting it out of my hair. I make painting a full body sport. Now to find the time and funds to get it decorated and cleaned out of all the stuff stored in there. The work will end eventually. If I keep telling myself that, I'm sure at one point it will come true.

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