Saturday, September 08, 2007

August Stitching Totals


These are the pieces, minus 1 that I worked during the month of August. I logged a total 49 hours 5 minutes. I'm so happy with the amount of time I was able to dedicate to my stitching. I think it all comes back to the fact I'm back working weekends. I don't find as much time to stitch at home anymore, so it's all about the amount of weekend hours I work.

I've changed up my rotation AGAIN! I have decided to work Love With a Capital L as my focus piece - 10 hours on it and then 5 hours on the other pieces listed above. I will be starting a new piece in a couple days. I'm really looking forward to starting this new piece, as much as I'm not suppose to be starting anything new until I complete my Finish Challenge. Now that is hilarious, don't ya think???

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