Thursday, September 13, 2007

Chocolate, Coke, Chai Tea and Friends

I had the most wonderful afternoon with my stitching and a most wonderful woman. I had so many things I could have been doing today, but instead of all the things I should be doing I did something I wanted to do, not saying I don't want to do the things around the house. Both things bring me joy and satisfaction, but one thing can be done at another time. I don't always get to spend time with Velda. So, today on a whim I ended up on her couch with chocolate, coke and my stitching. The Starbucks Chai tea came later.

I don't get to spend the kind of time with Velda as I once did which is very sad for me. I thought she's at home alone, not really alone, but without adult interaction for the most part. What better way to get away from all that needs to be done here than to be with a friend sharing life experiences and all the wonderful things girlfriends will talk about and cry about! It is a refreshing moment to be in the company of one you love and trust explicitly! I know you read my blog, but it is not with that in mind I write this (okay right now, maybe), but I love you like you have no idea! Thank you for a great afternoon! You rock.

Stitching progress while at Velda's today. I worked on the curly cues on my Love piece. It was mindless stitching so I could listen and pay attention to Velda, even though we didn't look at each other while we stitched! I always feel so rude when this happens, but from one stitcher to another we both understand it's not rude, just stitching time when we're together! I'm happy to report I made some good progress on the curly cues. I think at last count it was 7 completed of the 20 - woohoo! 5 hours of the required 10 complete. Should have an updated photo by Sunday!

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