Sunday, September 16, 2007

Love with a Capital L 60 hours

This piece is taking on a life of it's own! It is huge. I knew it would be since I've seen a few finished pieces, but I didn't understand just how huge. I really would like to show more than the main part I worked but it would be too much, so here, for the most part is what I focused on this past 10 hour rotation.

Curly status: I did a fair amount this rotation. I'm currently at 21/45 ompleted. Pretty bad when I'm doing stats on this particular element. I'm soooo funny!

As can always be expected from me, I've changed my rotation up a small bit. I'm going to work on this piece until I'm tired of it. I'm really 'feeling' this piece right now so I want to ride it out and see how much I can accomplish before I tire of it.

I will be quite a bit of time before I'm back with another update. I'm not working a lot right now and that is where I log most of my stitching time. Todd is on holidays for the next little bit and I will be spending time with him rather time home alone - lovin it! I also have a Finish It piece in my possession that I would like to make a dent in before I have to send it on to another stitcher. I was a bit late in receiving this month's piece so I have to try and find the time to dedicate to it.

Did some cross stitch site perusing tonight. That is a bad thing, a very bad thing. I want to get things finished so rather than stitching, I spend time oogling over pieces I want to stitch in the future. Apparently the 14 pieces I have on the go right now aren't enough. I was over at Passione Ricamo and fell in love with Enchanted Fairy. There are others, but she is probably going to be my NEXT start. Now I know I'm not supposed to be starting new pieces and here I am already rambling on about a new piece. Pam and I will probably be starting her on Boxing Day. Anyone else up for a SAL? The more the merrier!

Happy stitching days to you.

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