Friday, September 14, 2007

Get Out Of My Head

Your Horoscope for SEPTEMBER 14, 2007
You're not exactly someone who follows all the latest fads, but you may realize that recently you let yourself get taken for a ride. In fact, even though you're not necessarily an impulsive person, that doesn't stop you from buying things on the spur of the moment that just sit there in your closet or somewhere else in your house. What do you do with all those clothes anyway? Be more careful with your money!

There isn't much more to add to this other than: GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!!!!!!!! This so bang on it's scary.

This really does give me moments of concern. I know I've been spending and doing things around the house lately. I'm of two minds with this spending. I've not been spending as much on clothing as I once was although I do have the closet full of clothing indicated.

The money I have been spending is mostly centered on fixing my house up. I want to fix my house so badly especially since I've lived here for so long I can't even remember. There are things I've done since I've been the sole owner, but there is still so much to be done. When I look back to only a couple short years ago, I have to be impresseed with what I've been able to accomplish. With that being said, I will still continue to move forward with renovations and repairs, but be a little more cautious of the money I'm spending.

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