Saturday, March 10, 2007

Bedroom Renovation Pics

This is the new bedside table I bought to use as a night stand. I'm not sure it's the most practical, but I fell in love with it. I'm currently in the hunt for the 'right' lamp. You know, the one that just screams "I was made for your room".

This is the view from my door. The picture on the left of the window (heart) was a print I bought at IKEA for $6.00 and the frame I bought for $5.00. The frame came with a hideous picture in it, but the size was perfect for this piece so I disassembled the original print and re framed my own.

I wanted you to see the twigs or whatever you call them. I bought the red container at Micheal's again for about $5.00. It is actually a red faux leather wine bottle holder. It was one of those things that just screamed out at me. You can see over in the corner a frame and a thing with round things sticking up. That is a candelabra. The framed piece is: "Always Remember To Kiss Me Goodnight".

On the brown chair you can see the bear that has been traumatized by my cat and dog. They continually steal this bear. He is without his left eye. Poor fella. The bear is the first bear Cute Boy bought me and I could torture my fur babies for abusing another of my babies! That chair is a story in itself. I originally wanted a very light beige one, but ended up with this one somewhat by default. Looking back I couldn't be happier with this one.

I'm currently on the hunt for a shelf to hang above the head of my bed. I want a long shelf, pretty much the width of the bed to sit the collection of candles, I think I currently have 7 and the candelabra. Under the shelf I will hang the "Kiss Me Goodnight" piece. On the wall that sits the chair, the end of the bed I will be hanging 'Love with A Capital L'. I think that will be end of the wall decorations, but you just never know.

I have an antique dresser in my garage that I'm trying to refinish (holy wow) that will be under the window and in the corner away from the chair.

I think for now, that it is all I can share with you in regards to my room.

I have more to share on the emotional level, but I'll put that in another post. Kinda funny, kinda sad, but regardless of all that a very happy post!

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