Thursday, March 01, 2007

Bear Thief on the Loose ~ Beware!

My house has been overrun with a thief. It is not kind nor compassionate or sentimental whatsoever. If you've been reading about the renovation progress you'll know that my room has recently been renovated but has most recently been labelled as the 'scene of the crime'.

It is a beautiful room, except for some of the renovation tools and a missing dresser. If I do say so myself it looks awesome so far. I have some things in their place and some things still needing attention. One thing that was in it's place was my cute little teddy bear. I love this bear, for one because he is cute and another because it was gift from Cute Boy. Very early on in our relationship he had to go out of town for about 10 days and this was a souvenir gift from him, so little bear has some special meaning because he was my first gift.

I bought this beautiful chocolate brown chair to sit in my room with a matching chocolate brown overstuffed pillow to sit on the chair. The place of honour for little bear was on top of the brown cushion/pillow. Now this is where the thievery comes into play, where havoc overruns the house.
Yesterday I caught my precious kitty stealing my bear 5x.... yes, 5x! One time I caught her in the living room with little bear bounding along in her mouth, bear paws flapping in the wind. I caught said thief and returned little bear to his throne. What do I see a few minutes later, but little bear and kitty tearing through the house again. This time headed for under the dresser that is in my front room waiting to go downstairs. Caught the delinquent once again, you get the picture. Little bear heads back to the room and returns once again to the pillow. I do this 3 more times, but the following times kitty and bear make it only as far as under the bed. Do you have any idea how hard it is to catch a kitty that doesn't want to be caught? She was slowed down only by the fact that she wouldn't give up little bear.

Now for the criminal of all criminals! Daisy the, ohhhhh so cute (not) Shih Tzu. I went out last night with Cute Boy and came home to my poor little bear not only stolen from his stoop, but maimed and ewwwy. Little Miss Daisy took it upon herself to abscond my little bear and quite nicely remove one of his eyes. I couldn't believe it! Poor little bear! He had one heck of a day already and Daisy was the nail in his itty bitty coffin. He now sits atop his pillow with only partial vision since his left eye is just barely sitting in place. He stinks and needs a bath too. Poor fella.

I can say Miss Daisy and kitty are lucky they didn't get my Valentine bear. I betcha they tried but she's a bigger bear and probably growls louder and meaner.

I get it now! Daisy and kitty were being bullies and look what happened! Nasty critters they are. I'm so disappointed in them. I thought I'd raised better babies, apparently I was wrong. Be cautious when out and about. If you see said dog and kitty, hold tighter to the paw of the stuffed animals you love. They're not safe!

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