Friday, December 31, 2010

Good-bye 2010

This has been quite the year. It hasn't been the best year nor has it been the worst. This has been a year filled with change and a lot of personal growth.

I've learned that I am so very blessed and loved by the most amazing man. Our relationship hasn't always been the easiest and that is okay. For everything Cute Boy and I have faced together, it has brought us to this most incredible place with an understanding of who we are as individuals and has shown us how our experiences make us who we are today.

My youngest daughter is now pregnant and that discovery knocked me for a nasty mental loop. The road back to a stronger mental spot has been wrought with many ups and downs. I still struggle with her actions and decisions, and figure I will for some time still. There is nothing to be done now. The little peanut is on the way and a small part of me, okay a bigger part than small, is getting excited. If it's any indication, the shopping for him has already started.

My oldest daughter still amazes and impresses me. Her and I have had our fair share of trials this past year, but seem to be in a better place now. I'm glad for that. She is doing extremely well in her first year of college. She has made some major decisions with regards to her schooling. Major move. Queenie has applied to another college (4 hours away) to a new program after she realized this one she is in isn't for her. When did she become so mature? Some of the courses she is currently taking may be transferable so she is going to continue on with this program so to enable an easier transition from one program to another.

Velda is still alive! That has been the biggest blessing of this year. I still worry every day and deal with the busy of my day to day life that keeps from seeing her as much as I would like. Never far from my mind is she, and even closer to my heart. She is another area of my life that I know I am amazingly blessed. I am never made to feel guilty when I don't visit as I should, nor does it ever feel like I've left when I get back there. From what I can see, her health is still good and she looks incredible. She does a heart good!

Who knows what tomorrow will bring. Oh ya, I do. It brings 2011 Resolution Run with the ugliest running jacket EVER!!!!! I look like a freaking pylon! I'll be back with an update tomorrow or the next day.

Happy New Year to you and yours!

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