Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Up Up and Away

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My princess climbed the rock. Here is a pic of Princess on Sunday climbing with her Uncle James and his girlfriend, Anita. I was the amazed bystander, but am going to give it a whirl next time.

I'm so impressed with Princess in her first endeavor with rock climbing. She is very much a princess kind of girl, not much of an outdoors type at all. It was a very proud moment to watch her harness up and start off to challenge the rock. She was able to surpass the climbing height of both James and Anita. I loved watching her think through the transitions and her beautiful little hands gliding over the rock in an effort to find a place to get another good grip. I'm not the most objective, I know, but she really looked like a natural.

She is looking forward to next time when James and Anita are in town so she can have another go at climbing. Who would have ever thought I'd see the day my little baby was climbing a rock. Proud silent tears rolled down my cheeks as I watched her at times. Shhhh, she doesn't know that part.

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