Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Long Time Gone

Sometimes I wonder why I haven't deleted my blog yet?

I love my blog. I really do, but I just don't make time for it anymore. It makes me sad to think that I don't make time for myself to express my thoughts, feelings and silly life happenings anymore.

I come here periodically and dump info and then run again. My blog has become a hit and run blog. Poor thing!

I will try to be kinder, gentler and more considerate in the future.

Since I've last visited I have done the following:

  • Walked a half marathon (3 hrs +)

  • Walked a 10.5K (1hr 41m)

  • Gained and lost the same 10lbs - bleh

Wedding Related Stuff

  • Was given a beautiful engagement ring (finally ::) Seriously worth the wait

  • Set a date

  • Chose a reception location (still waiting on word from chef/organizer)

  • Have been flipping and flopping on some decisions (grrrr)

  • Made a major decision on a surprise element for Cute Boy (down payment tomorrow)

  • Have been searching high and low for a certain type of shoe. Getting closer!
I think that is all the stuff that I have to share, or that I think you would be interested in reading about. :)

Until next time, and hopefully that doesn't translate to a month from now.... take care!

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