Sunday, April 01, 2007

Happy Day! Happy Day!

The day has finally arrived. The day I look forward to each and every month with such excitement. It is the day that Mary, Krista and myself have set aside to get together. I don't get to see them near as much as I would like and when I do it's like I'm a little kid in a candy store.

This may come across as harsh and I apologize beforehand if I offend some, but the fact that it is just the three of us is absolutely perfect. We've invited others to join us, but for whatever reason the invitees can never make it and in the end it works out best, I think. We three can be a bit over the top with our topics of conversation, our laughter and our overall volume and control of the environment. It is that which I love and probably intimidates most other people.

We are heading to Mary's for this get together. Mary is doing the main meal with Krista bringing beverages and I've the honour of dessert. I'm such a lucky girl because Cute Boy's, the sweet guy that he is, made raspberry tea biscuits for me take along. I'm remained strong because the 9 biscuits he sent me with are still all accounted for. The day is still young though. I must remain strong, I must!

My time with Mary and Krista is just what I need right now. It isn't that I will monopolize the day with my life's traumas and dramas. It will be completely the opposite. I will be swept away by their friendship, laughter and the general catch up we do. I'll be able to escape all the thoughts and worries, if even for a short time. I look forward to whatever escapades of their day to day life they share. It could be a boo-boo car spot, a thwacked toe, ridiculous stories about a nasty co-worker or something sweeter such as life plans, supposed house sales, new house purchases on the South Shore (oh so ritzy sounding). Who really knows what the day will bring. One thing is certain it will bring a healthy dose of support, friendship, as well as a rekindled spirit. It is the rekindled spirit that I savour most. I hope in some small way I'm able to give as much to these two wonderful women as I've been given.

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