Sunday, April 01, 2007

Canoe what???? How do I not know these things?

How do I begin this entry? It is this same thought every time I try to blog about my time with Mary and Krista.

As always when the three of us get together there is an overflow of laughter, friendship, food, beverage and good times. The dinner was awesome, Mary. Oh ya, Krista too, or shall I say the cooking show host extraordinaire. The brownies were so good and the traveller was just what I didn't need. We had brownies with peanut butter and Turtle ice cream with Corona for an appetizer. Miss Mary, holy wow did you taste that beer???? I've never seen such a sight. Cute girl you are!!!! Dinner was delicious and Mary, good girl you are, only burning your face one time. I'm so proud of you. Cute Boy's raspberry biscuits were nothing short of experiencing an out of body moment.... okay maybe those biscuits rank up there with the BIG O!

I have to ask, 'Do you know what a canoe (you fill in the blanks) is"? Maybe I'd be better not to ask. This being a family rated show and all, such a question might not go over so well. Herein lies the 'Educating of Tammy'. I've so much to learn. Anyone up for teaching me? I used to have a canoe and gave it away for free last year. I just had to get rid of it! I was purging my house of all the stuff I no longer needed and the canoe was one of the first things to go. Showers made specifically for one thing and it's not a shower, well who ever? I just had to share this wonderful story with the girls. I want one of those showers.... please!

What do you get when you take two sexy chicks from the city and send them home alone in the dark from the middle of butt-freak nowhere? You get lost is what you get!!!! Krista and I made it home from Moscow via Napanee. WTF??? Oh, and did I mention I don't like driving in the dark nor in places unfamiliar to me? Sorry, Krista!

I will do my best to update this as the memories come of the funny things we discussed. I think the reason I have such a hard time putting our funnies to words is because they are very much, 'had to be there moments'.

I wouldn't miss these get togethers for anything. The date for the next one is already being discussed. Can't tell ya how much I can't wait.

One last thing, Miss Mary: You can miss Sunday night games, really it's okay! Think of the fun we could have at all those ball games and the year end party that you might make this coming September. Good times good times!

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