Thursday, October 26, 2006

Wedding vows that wow me

I just recently attended a wedding of two poeple I love so much. To be a part of their day was a gift in many ways. It showed me to trust in the faith of loving another and putting yourself out there for whatever may come your way. One never knows what will come in time and to have the faith, love and commitment of another is such a gift. Watching these two people pledge their lifetime commitment and love was beautiful in that it was watching the joining of best friends.

The bride and groom did not write their own vows, but took pieces of vows from various sources and fit them to their love and history. I was struck by many of the verses and the one that is stuck in my head and touches me most: "I will love you enough to risk being hurt" If I take the time to really let the words sink in they will still bring tears to my eyes.

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