Thursday, December 01, 2011

Things That Go Bang In The Night

I'm still absolutely furious as I write this entry, 12 hours after the fact.

I was on my way home from work last night sitting at an intersection, when a car pulled up beside me.  It should have pulled up diagonal from my vehicle since I was the 4th car in my lane, and this particular car would have been the 3rd car in their lane.  

The car sat opposite my car and the occupants, got my attention, partly because that was a stupid driving move.  If I thought that was a stupid driving move, what happened next is beyond stupid.

The occupants were laughing and jeering (I could see mouths moving), and the driver pulled up a gun and shot 2 times at my car.  The gun was a play gun, but for a split second, you don't know that.  With the windows up on my car, I couldn't hear the gun go off, but heard the 2 dings off my car's passenger door.

The vehicle and it's occupants advanced when the light turned green.  I did what I could to get the licence plate, but of all nights, I didn't have my my cel phone.  Forgot it at home.  I wasn't able to properly remember the plate number.  I'm so mad at myself.  I do remember the last 5 digits "NY 709".  It was the combination of the first letters that I know I messed up.  The NY part was easy to remember because of New York, and the 709 is a commonly used pager number at work.  GRRRR on messing up the first digits.

I called the police when I got home.  I know what happened was bad, but I wasn't really thinking of how bad it was until the dispatcher told me an officer would be out to my house shortly to speak with me.  It then dawned on me, it was a crime with a gun.  A toy gun, but a gun just the same. It all just clicked with me.  I am so mad at myself that I messed up the plate number  - so mad!

It just hits me from time to time that people are bat-shit crazy!  Stupid little punks!   Seriously, they need to be taken home and their arses whooped and good!

Who would think, eh, just driving home and all this could happen.  You just never know. I've said that from time to time, but to actually feel it is just crazy.

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